Axcellerate Pharma provides contract manufacturing and research services for the biopharmaceutical Industry. It deploys a unique combination of assets and operational capabilities to provide high quality CRO/CDMO services and is ideally positioned to manufacture early cGMP clinical supplies of drug substance and sterile drug product for both large and small molecules.

Mission & Vision Statements

Axcellerate Pharma will be a technology leader, delivering cutting-edge research and manufacturing solutions to ensure value-creation for clients. To achieve this goal, we continue to adapt and learn, making it a priority to provide every client with a completely customized and satisfying experience.
  • To have worldwide renown in the contract research and manufacturing space for providing integrated solutions and creating added value for clients with a professional and technically sound approach.
  • Meeting and regularly exceeding client expectations with respect to cost, quality and customer service.
  • Being an organization guided by a principles of equality and integrity.
Ashwin Mehta

Ashwin Mehta


An accomplished professional. A seasoned business executive with a world view of business.

A bold, dynamic, creative, visionary, with real entrepreneurial spirit, driven by the need to make a big impact, founder and leader of a multi-facilities, specialty company, with a Global Footprint.

Big picture, long-term forward thinker with deep scientific and business insight. Able to think way outside the box, adept in leading, inspiring, coaching, developing others to challenge current thinking and change the status quo with big questions, bold entrepreneurial ideas and solutions.

Specialist in acquisitions of valued assets and companies, following the M&A route to acquire businesses, facilities and assets.

Dilip Mehta

Dilip Mehta

VP -Engineering

Dilip has led many of the firm’s projects, which have shaped the direction and quality of the work at Axcellerate. Dilip has a Masters in Chemical Engineering (USA) & over 25 years of process engineering experience serving the Nano-Technology, Biopharmaceutical, Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Specialty Chemical and Polymer industries. His experience encompasses all phases of project execution. Dilip is responsible for the overall Engineering functions of the manufacturing facilities that the company operates.

Dilip by no means is related to our Director, Ashwin Mehta, in any way shape or form.

George Diamantidis

George Diamantidis

Vice President / Head of Regulatory Affairs & Quality Management

George brings more than 25 years of diversified pharmaceutical and biotechnology experience to his position. As the VP and head of Regulatory Affairs, George plays a multi-specialty role in the RA, Advisory team building, working with R&D teams and taking care of the technical packages from CMO clients. George is a core member of the inner team running the business and acts as the Regulatory and technical adviser to the CEO.

George is leading, providing strategic regulatory guidance and delivering the global regulatory strategy for facilities development, registration, building and maintaining a credible relationship with regulatory authorities with effective written and verbal communication, and ensuring functional units comply with regulatory requirements and good regulatory practices.

George earned his BS from Temple University, M.Sc. in Pharmacology from LIU College of Pharmacy, M.Sc. – PhD in Medicinal Chemistry from Seton Hall University, and Executive MBA from Fairleigh Dickinson University.

Joseph Lobman

Joseph Lobman

Director, Quality Assurance

Joe brings over 30 years of diversified pharmaceutical and biotechnology experience to his position. As the Director of Quality Assurance, Joe is responsible for ensuring compliance with FDA (and other) regulations for Validation, Operations, Quality Control, Product Release, Document Control, Auditing and general cGMP.

Prior to joining Axcellerate Pharma; Joe has worked in a number of management roles at Bristol-Myers Squibb, Immunomedics, and Enzon Pharmaceuticals.

Joe received Bachelor of Science degrees from Trenton State College; MBA from Fairleigh Dickinson University; and MS from Rutgers University.