Mammalian Biopharmaceuticals

Axcellerate Pharma offers expertise in the manufacture of recombinant proteins as well as antibodies for early cGMP clinical supplies from our state-of-the art multi-faceted facility in Piscataway, NJ. Our customers range from small and medium biotech companies to multinational biopharmaceutical companies. Axcellerate Pharma is committed to provide custom solutions to take your product from bench to clinical scale. We offer complete development programs ranging as well as individual work packages.

Microbial Fermentation

Axcellerate Pharma offers advanced fermentation technology and know-how in small-scale development as well as clinical manufacturing. Capacity includes fermenters ranging from 5L to 150L. We offer complete development expertise.

Small Molecules

Axcellerate Pharma offers a cGMP compliant Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API& Intermediates) manufacturing facility with services to support the entire drug discovery process through synthesis of clinical material. cGMP manufacturing is conducted from small volumes to multi-kilos depending on product. Axcellerate Pharma supports the client in drug substance manufacture as well as in aseptic manufacture of drug product. We also provide full-scale analytical support throughout the development and manufacturing process.


Axcellerate Pharma specializes in a wide range of services including cycle development as well as cGMPlyophilization. We hold expertise in formulations, lyophilization cycle optimization as well as clinical manufacture of lyophilized products. Our development, operations and project management teams work with the client to achieve an optimal strategy for performance.


Axcellerate Pharma can provide experienced scientists to provide a wide range of Pegylation technologies. Let Axcellerate Pharma increase the therapeutic potential of your compounds by improving their pharmaceutical properties of solubility, optimized pharmacokinetics and stability through pegylation technology.


Axcellerate Pharma has the capabilities to produce oligonucleotides for preclinical and early phase clinical trials. Key operational asset capabilities include synthesis, UF, chromatography and lyophilization.